Cal Poly Mustang Ball - February 3, 2024

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2012 Cal Poly Mustang Ball

Cal Poly Mustang Ball

Thank you to everyone who attended our fifth annual Mustang Ball on February 4th, 2012! The final results have been posted below.

If you attended as a competitor or spectator, please help us improve our event by taking our 2012 Mustang Ball Survey

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Here are the official results from this years event:

2012 Mustang Ball Staff

Chairman of Judges/Scrutineer: Ava Kaye
Adjudicators: Borbala Bunnett
Monika Olejnik
Steve Vasco
David Weise
Alex Zagrean
Professional Showcase: David Weise
Borbala Bunnett
Master of Ceremonies: Paul Jack
Music Director: Dave Ingalz
Competition Organizer/Registrar: Christopher Ellwood
Assistant Competition Organizer: Amy Leung
Financial Coordinator: Carlos Mena
Hospitality Coordinator: Julia de Moor
Volunteer Coordinator: Kelsy Westendorf
Decorations Coordinator: Khoa Nguyen
Fundraising Coordinator: Andy Brock
Housing Coordinator: Melody Curren
Graphic Design: Analia Pribyl

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If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at or (805) 242-DANCE (3262)

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