Cal Poly Mustang Ball - February 3, 2024

Ballroom & Latin DanceSport Competition

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can competitors pay at the door?

Yes, but prices increase after January 23rd. To avoid paying the higher rate, please pay online or mail your payment and have it postmarked by January 23rd.

Can I purchase spectator tickets at the door?

Yes. Spectators tickets will be sold at the door for $15.00 or in advance for $10.00. Spectators who are full time Cal Poly students get in for free.

If I registered early, can I add and drop events at no charge after the early registration deadline?

Yes. As long as you sent your payment in by the registration deadline, you will not be charged any additional fees. You are free to add and drop entries until registration closes after February 4th.

What can I wear in newcomer and bronze level?

We do not allow costumes in Newcomer or Bronze level. We use the CDA costume definition as defined at If you have a question about what qualifies as a costume, please email us at

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept online payment through EventBrite as well as check payment.

Can I add/drop events on the day of the competition? Is there an extra fee to do this?

Competitors should make every effort to sign up for the correct events with their intended partner before registration closes on January 24th. However, a limited number of adds will be accepted on the day of the event, provided that they are received by the cutoff time for that competitive section and the event is not full. Add requests will not be accepted if they are not received prior to the cutoff time.

I am not a college student, can I still compete?

Yes! Our competition is open to all amateur dancers. The only restriction is that you cannot be a professional dancer - someone who has declared that they are a professional or whose full time profession is teaching or performing dance.

What dance moves can I do?

In the Newcomer and Bronze levels, you must do Bronze level syllabus moves; in Silver, you may do Bronze and Silver level syllabus moves; in Gold, you may do Bronze, Silver, or Gold level syllabus moves. Any published syllabus (Arthur Murray, Fred Astaire, DVIDA, ISTD, etc) is accepted for American style events. The ISTD syllabus is accepted for International Events. In Advanced, Open, and Nightclub events, there are no choreography restrictions. However, no lifts, drops, or aerials are allowed in any event.

Can I dance a routine that has only Bronze level moves in Silver or Gold level events?

Yes. Technique is far more important than the level of moves you are performing. A good Bronze level routine danced with great technique will place higher than a gold level routine danced with poor technique.

Can I sign up for more than one level?

Yes. While you may never dance down a level, you can sign up for your level and one level above that. For example, if you are a Bronze level dancer, you can sign up for Bronze and Silver level events. We encourage everyone to do this as it provides more opportunities for competing for everyone. The only exception to this is in the Nightclub events, where you may only sign up for one level (Newcomer/Beginner OR Intermediate/Advanced) for each Nightclub dance.

I placed 1st out of 14 couples in Bronze ChaCha last year. Can I compete in Bronze ChaCha again this year with a new partner?

The Mustang Ball is a CDA Fair Level competition and will use fair level points to determine when couples are entered in a level that is too low for their calculated proficiency. To check your fair level points, you can use the CDA Point Lookup Tool.

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