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2007 Cal Poly Mustang Ball

2007 Cal Poly Mustang Ball

Thank you to everyone who attended or participated in our inaugural Mustang Ball DanceSport Competition on Saturday, February 10th, 2007!



Our competition photographer has put up a gallery of photographs from the event:

Competition Photographs

Media Coverage of the Competition

2007 Mustang Ball Staff

Chairman of Judges: Ava Kaye
Adjudicators: Nigel Clarke
Tom Hicks
Porfirio Landeros
Laetitia Santore
Alex Zagrean
Professional Showcase: Porfirio Landeros
Laetitia Santore
Master of Ceremonies: Linda Drake
Scrutineer: Ava Kaye
Competition Organizer: Christopher Ellwood
Financial Coordinator: Laurel Warwick
Registrars: Hallie Scott
Lea Shelton
Awards Coordinator: Katie Bianchi
Fundraising Coordinator: Audrey Long
Registration Coordinator: Ashley Moraes
Housing Coordinator: Ember Jensen
Hospitality Coordinator: Serena Clune
Competition Consultant: Jessica Kao
Graphic Design: Ilana Kellogg
Media Relations: Luis Anaya
Head Deck Captain: Ryan Manus

If you have any questions or comments about this year's competition, please don't hesitate to contact us at

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