Cal Poly Mustang Ball - February 3, 2024

Ballroom & Latin DanceSport Competition

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Please read our Competition Rules & Information before registering (especially the explanation of the levels.)

Registration notes:

  • To sign up for Nightclub Style events, select Beginner or Intermediate/Advanced as the Skill Level.
  • You can compete in the newcomer level only if both you and your partner started Ballroom Dancing less than one year ago (after February 3, 2023.)
  • Both partners must individually be eligible to dance at any given level. (For example, a bronze leader and silver follower can only dance together at silver level or above.)
  • We are a CDA Fair Level competition. If you have competed previously, please look up your points to determine what level you may compete at before signing up.
  • In the Standard, Smooth, Rhythm and Latin categories, you can sign up for the lowest level you and your partner are eligible for, and the next highest level. (For example, a Bronze level couple may also enter Silver level events.) We encourage all couples to take advantage of this and dance two levels when possible.

Click here to register (via O2CM).

Click here to check your current entries.

Team Captains: You can register for a team management account at (subject to verification)

Tip for competitors with multiple partners: If your partner has already signed up online and you know their tracking number, you can fill it in when you add a new competitor record for them and it will pull up their information automatically.

Registration Guide

If you are unfamiliar with the O2CM system, here are step by step instructions:

  1. Go to the registration site.
  2. Create an O2CM account if you do not already have one.
  3. Select or create a new competitor record for each leader and follower
  4. Select Amateur as your Division, unless you are signing up for the Rookie/Veteran events. For Rookie/Veteran events, select Rookie Leader if the leader is the Rookie, and Rookie Follower if the follower is the Rookie.
  5. Select the skill level you want to compete in (Nightclub dance skill levels are Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced)
  6. Select the dances you want to dance at that skill level (use Ctrl to select multiple dances)
  7. Click Add Couple To Events to register for those dances
  8. Repeat for each skill level (two levels are allowed per style, except for Nightclub)
  9. Go to our Payment Information page to send in your payment.

Please contact us at if you have any difficulties with registration.

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