Cal Poly Mustang Ball - February 12, 2022

Ballroom & Latin DanceSport Competition

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Add/Drop Instructions

Add requests will accepted at the discretion of the Chairman of Judges and only if there is space available in that event.

Your request will not be processed if:

  • It is less than one hour before the start of your heat
  • The heat you are trying to add into is full
  • You have not paid the applicable entry fee
  • You are already signed up in that heat with another partner (drop before adding)
  • You are signing up for newcomer and started dancing over a year ago
  • You have pointed out of the level you are signing up for (Scroll to the bottom to check your CDA points)

Steps to add or drop an event

  1. Check the heat list on the right to find the heat numbers of what you want to add or drop. If the heat is not listed, use 0 as the heat number. Write ALL to drop all events you are signed up for with that partner.
  2. Fill our the form below:

CDA Point Lookup

Use the search below to check your points for each level/dance you want to sign up for. A point score of 7 or higher means you have pointed out of that level and dance and must sign up for a higher level.

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